Friday, January 25, 2013

Some photos reposted, aka. In the middle of Africa

While prints for the next laser cut is still in progress i thought ill share some of my terrain painted.
Paintjob is not mine, but made by my friend Nimrod, photos as well taken by him.

And some "ingame" photos:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clash inside the colony

Again a long time with no post. Yet i managed to do something significant.

Thats a test piece for a bunch of Infinity terrain im going to make - a Living Colonist Pod (i dubbed it LCP for short) and some containers. As every test piece its not perfect, i screwed some joints and did not took in account thickness of laser beam. But notes taken, and it will be taken care of, as well as more (much more) details. 

More photo:

And the containers. Im not really happy with those. Going to make them smaller, but still stackable:

I was going to make a first post of a year with some plans about modelling projects. But whatever, i'll just watch what will come to my mind next time.