Thursday, August 18, 2016

Battle For Water

Some photos of recent Alpha Strike game.
Far away desert planet, near clan occupied territory, were passes trade routes of Diamond Shark clan. Pumping station in a small city is the only source of pure water for thousand miles around.
An elite mercenary unit were the first to renspond for an unknown mechs closing to the city.

Battle were hard. Using its superior fire power clanner mechs advanced for the close range, and devastated a lone lance of Mercs. Very straightforward game, where sphere mechs stood no chance, even with Elite training. Who knew i can't roll 5+ on 2d6?

Mercenary command responce were quick. Recon lancer and Fire lance were dispatched to deal with invaders. At first clanners took cover in city. Slowly closing Mercs fired voleys of shots at enemy, before Locust of the Recon lance scored a critical on Ebon Yaguar, destroying it with a single blow.

With the commander of their star gone, clanners began to push back wile giving return fire. By use of cover and winning initiative they managed to down many sphere mechs, though superior numbers of Mercs were critical. At the end clanners were given an option of gathering their surviving pilots, salvaging destroyed mechs and going back to were they came, never to return.
Though it was a win it was not an easy one. Gonna need some search on better ways of dealing with clans, as for now i see their mechs as much superior than sphere ones.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Irregular Stuff

A little terrain project for local gaming club. Things are going to modern combat miniatures lately, so I decided to build pipeline and an oil pump. With this terrain miniature soldiers can bring freedom and democracy all over the tabletop battlefield.
Kinda messed with the joints on the tower, and needed to fill the gaps.

Going to have a Rogue Trader RPG group soon. This will be the ships for space combat. Also a small Imperial Navy fleet of mine. Some Eldar, IN cruisers and Retribution Battleship to come.