Monday, October 29, 2012

Pocahontas and Hatico

I found few guys in our community willing to play some Necromunda. And as i play mainly Escher i found myself in need to make some female Hired Guns. I was pretty much lucky to find a beautiful Reaper miniature sculpted by Werner Klocke in my bitz box.

Ratskin scout conversion. Her name is Matoaka, and she is only half a ratskin. Her mother was raped in past by a filthy british colonist uphive invader, and gave a birth to a girl. Though Matoaka was raised with all the traditions of her people, there were little that tied her to the tribe after the death of mother.
She started the life of a mercenary, utilizing her knowledge of underhive nature. Eventually she met her father, gathering his scalp and his skull in the process.
Maybe the model don't have all the native american look, but i like the result. The rats from Queek Headtaker base came in handy too.

Thats something i wanted to do for a long time now. A Cybermastiff, based on a conversion i found in the web. I call him Hatico.

More terrain for terrain god! Billboards for Necromunda/Infinity. Gonna make a ladders and maybe lower the railings for a section.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The bad and the ugly

From the very beginning Necromunda wasn't so Warhammerish40k to me. I liked to see it like a "setting in a setting", where all the stuff like xenos, warp and even the Emperor himself does not really matters. All Necromunda was about is gang wars, lone bounty hunters and ordinary people seeking their place in unfriendly and deadly environment of underhive.
And than Borderlands came out. I could not believe how this game resembles Necromunda. The bandits, aggressive wildlife, cities made of trash and "parts that we have around". Since than i can not imagine Necromunda without Borderlands style.
And while playing Borderlands 2 i was inspired to make this guys from some leftover bits.

To the left is some random bandit. Living in ash wastes cost him severe brain damage and a little disfigurement, yet boosted his aggressive nature. By the way, friends call him Freddy.
Right one is a well known pit fighter, turned a well known bounty hunter.
Still need to add some pouches and belts here and there. And maybe ill play some old good Necromunda later this month.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Humble activity

Last days was not very productive, as i was occupied by my other hobby - video gaming. I.e. by this game:

Awesome storyline, great humor, cool enemies and shitload of guns.
Anyway, here is some furniture i made.

Shot to compare scale. Furniture turned to bulky for RedBox minis, but it fit pretty good for Warhammer or Warmachine figures. Need to get some bottles, dishes and cups to get this tavern tables to life. Tavern is to be done later though.

I also started to make my custom character figure for IK rpg. He used to be Warhammer FB witch hunter, but i will sculpt some straps and belts here and there, iron armor on shoulder, knees and boots and eventually (when i find a suitable head) hood.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meanwhile in the Kingdoms of Iron

Aside from painting miniatures for this weeks Dungeon Crawl test, i was able to make some more casting experiments:

Thats why i really started casting stuff. Now i need to make molds for medium and large bases oh the same design. And when ill be able to defeat this pesky little bubbles this bases will be available to my fellow wargamers.
Besides im working on the new kind of  wooden dock bases, to go along with upcoming terrain piece.
I also tried some casted bases on minis for Iron Kingdoms RPG. A fighter archetype adventurer, an Nyss elf sorceress and a gobber rogue.

The last picture clearly persuaded me, that someday i will have to take photo-shooting lessons.
Someday not today...