Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meanwhile in the Kingdoms of Iron

Aside from painting miniatures for this weeks Dungeon Crawl test, i was able to make some more casting experiments:

Thats why i really started casting stuff. Now i need to make molds for medium and large bases oh the same design. And when ill be able to defeat this pesky little bubbles this bases will be available to my fellow wargamers.
Besides im working on the new kind of  wooden dock bases, to go along with upcoming terrain piece.
I also tried some casted bases on minis for Iron Kingdoms RPG. A fighter archetype adventurer, an Nyss elf sorceress and a gobber rogue.

The last picture clearly persuaded me, that someday i will have to take photo-shooting lessons.
Someday not today...


  1. Базы отлиты из того самого жидкопластика про который ты писал?