Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Terrain Toys

Some cargo containers I had in mind for some time already. Made them stackable, easy to assemble. I believe I saw the design somewere on the internet, but sadly cant find the source now.
Good for near future, Sci-Fi and ultra-modern settings. Going to make more for local gaming club.

Also some figs for my rpg project. The girl from before accompanied by drones.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Starship Tiles

A little project for our roleplaying camplaing ang aslo Infinity wargamers in local gaming club.
An easy to accemple sci-fi floor tiles. Made a few sections already, full with corridors, different sizes of rooms, doors, emergency hatches, cross and T-sections.

More pieces to come soon. Also need to find someone to paint this with airbrush.

Some Photos

Few more laser cut goodies. BFG tokens and dices (the latter not made by me).

Also some photos from recent Alpha Strike game between fellow wargamers Viktor and Vasiliy. I just wish to dump them here.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Productive Start of a Year

For some reasons i got plenty of time to paint, just from the start of the year.
First off read my copy of Rogue Stars rulebook. Kinda love it, it looks much like Frostgrave, which were awesome.

Bunch of Star Cops. These are awesome Hasslefree sci-fi troopers, who gonna act as Terran Hegemony Space Command marines. Or something like that, for the homemade Rogue Stars setting.

Two old Infinity miniatures, much Klingon/Krogan style aliens. Going to use them as part of Pirate crew, or standalone bonnie and clyde style criminals. For the same Rogue Stars rules set ofcoz.

Some more infinity painted, not Rogue Stars though. With a bunch of local roleplayers we are getting a small miniature project to liven up out Sawage Worlds campaign in homemade Savage Frontier setting. This guys are going to represent some Federation military (think of space russians), also some government troops in general.