Monday, August 31, 2015

Resent stuff

Yep. Still did not learned how to take good photos.
Alexia Ciannor and Risen unit. Wanted them to look "fresh", like just dead, risen by Alexias magic on the battlefield. The original PP Risen really cant give that impression.

Also going to use them as thralls for Iron Kingdoms rpg. 10+ more risen to come soon... ish.

More laser stuff. Containers! Everybody loves containers. Especially if they are cheap. About 5$ each.

For zombie, sci-fi, modern combat, 40k, etc.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Warmachine reinforcements

Something for my Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine project.

The merciless killer Orsus Zoktavir in company of two argus warhounds and a Spriggan warjack is ready to join Khador forces.

This three are some miniatures to use in Iron Kingdoms rpg. Pistol Wraith, Courtesan and Trollkin adventurer. Courtesan will dub as proxy Madelyn Corbeau in games of Warmachine.

Chain of Command stuff

Finally finished Fallschirmjager force for CoC. Many thanks to Altere Fritz for a good dozen of paintjob.

Full platoon of german paratroops and support of panzerschreck, flamethrower, MG and mortar section + medic, sniper and artillery spotter.

This ones are next CoC project - soviet winter troops. First time making snow bases out of soda+white paint+PVA, but i like the result. Maybe I will use it on my Khador army in the end.