Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flu and Warhammer

Flu gave me opportunity to what is called "paint some minitures" (more like cover them in paint in my caze).

Deadly Officio Assassinorum operative, and my current alter ego from DH campaign - Lucretia Dannica, a void born, 20 y.o. psyker. Not really pleased with the latter, must ask someone to improve my paintjob.

Two cute familiars for whatever needs i have. One of them - from the new Deathwing Terminator box, and its awesome, so much bitz for converting!

Some WIP shots of Rogue Trader and comrade for friends Inq28 campaign that is comming soon. Master Holt from Warmachine just gives the impression of a Rogue Trader i need. I only added the cutlass to right hand yet, but i have plans for a book in the left. His buddy is a possible Arch Militant of the party. In fact i only scrapped the space wolves head with eyepatch (not clearly visible on photo), when i realised that its a perfect match for a old sea wolf look.


  1. Мелкие тварюшки забавные. :) И в покрасе удачно вышли.
    Хольту имхо голову поменять не мешало бы, морда у него не совсем Rogue trader`овская.

    1. Нет, Жень. Трейдеры разные бывают, и специально искал утырка с очками.