Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chain of Command

Yesterday i was able to play a CoC game with Sergei aka Voize. It was good to recover rules of this awesome wargame in my memory. So there is a quick recollection of the events.
For this time my fallschirmjager faced british infantry, reinforced by brits paratroopers. Germans was attacking in flank attack scenario. 
Our table setup:

By the end of control phase british forces seized control of red cafe building and a living house in their quarter. Fallschirmjagers jump-off points scattered on the table around brits, but the ones i actually used in game was in garden and near the corn field barn.

Btitish started to deploy on the battlefield first, laying in overwatch for coming germans. Fallschirmjager however managed to take the barn and garden house with just one man as a casualty.

Arriving germans put their MGs to work, waiting for artillery obresver to fix on the target.

Artillery support was... lets say uneffective as british ended turn soon after. Using the advantage of the blind spot of the building my forces started to push brits. Only to be caught in enemy artillery barrage. Sadly this one also done little effect.

As the time passed with many teams broken and few officers killed by enemy fire, british defeat became obvious

Fallschirmjager did a great job with only few men dead among their ranks. Then something happened. I think leutenant just wanted an iron cross for himself or something. Hew led an assault on the living house occupied by british paratroops squad and remains of infantry squad.

Close combat is hell. As the result of this fight british forces routed from the table and fallschirmjager squad nearly wiped out. The overall casualties of the sides was comparable, with 2/3 german losses coming from that last asaault.

Taking a break from Savage Worlds and Warmachine was refreshing. Should do it every once in a while. Thanks for a great game Sergei!

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  1. Задорно так :)
    Главное -не останавливайтесь. Продолжайте на драйве играть!