Saturday, March 5, 2016

Battle for the Spaceport

We had another great Alpha Strike game with a fellow today. Mateush came to game prepared.

We decided to have a lance on lance game with 2 Locusts, Trebuchet and Jagermech VS Locust, Spider, Raven and Centurion.
A sunny day on one of the Capellan border world was corrupted by Liao dropship emerged on radar. Reinholt Raiders mercs, who was stationed on the world were the first to response.

- Drax here. Hello little ones, nice working with you again, - mechwarrior greeted light lance Locusts, who joined them for the hunt.
- Shure, good hunt, raiders, - commented sweet female voice, belonging to one of Locust mechwarriors. - We were the ones closest.
- Good hunt, - echoed another 3 pilots.
- Contact! I see Centurion, - lasers ripped the air as the first shot was done.

Liao forces dropped on the spaceport near small settlement. They slowly and carefully advances to enemy territory.

Forces probed one another for a few turns. And the unlucky Lucust was to fall first. Thats when the "anal carnival" began, with mechs trying to get to the back arc of one another, to score an extra 1 damage on enemy.

- Ladybird, watch on your back!
- F*ck this, that Raven is going down! - Locust agressively advanced. Lasers ripped enemy mechs.

Raven was shot, and then Mateush  had a bad luck with dice. 2-3 turns he scored no hits on my mechs at all. Successfuly taking down Centurion mercs got only 2 targets left.

- Last one is routing. Presumably going back for a dropship.
- So Ladybird scored two hits. Is she buying the beer today?

The last enemy mech chose to retreat from the table.

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