Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dungeon Crawl

Firstly a disclaimer:
I started my blog mainly to show my painting, modeling and gaming experience to russian community. But, since i started commenting in english speaking blogs, i noticed some number of visitors from other countries, notably USA and Germany.  So in case any of foreigners will find my staff interesting, and for the sake of exchanging experiences with other blogers, i decided to go for an english.

And in my 1st english post I'd like to overview a project, witch i got interested in just recently.
I was playing role-playing games for some time now, and familiar with the concept of Dungeon Crawlers, like the old Warhammer Quest. But this thread boosted my interest. Author of the thread gave the link to his own rules, and posted some pictures of his games using Red Box Games miniatures. And that was great, since not only they were inspiring, but also i have a bunch of RBG minis to use!

I decided to give it a try.

Just 40 minutes of work, and i had testing elements like corridors, room and a door.

After that, i did a quick trip to local gaming stores, and found nasty D&D monsters and few scenery elements i can use.

I also raided bitz-box of my friend - an lgs sales manager. That left me with interesting LotR bitz and a troll. A pretty productive beginning. I hope project will continue just well.

And a few words about something, that i hope will help me with this and other projects:


  1. You're off to a great start! The templates look great: how did you make them? I look forward to watching this project grow.

    1. Thnx.
      I made templates from 3mm polyvinylchloride sheets. I first cut 2.5sm squares in them with v-shaped cuts ~1mm deep and than cut individual sections from the solid sheet. After that i did cracks with empty ballpen and some texture with stone.

    2. Thanks! I'll have to look into this...

  2. Жидкий пластик выглядит весьма перспективно. Ты его где то у нас покупал или заказывал в инете?

    1. У нас. Фирма Alcor на Ломанной ул. 11.
      На неделе съезжу к ним на силиконом для форм. Попробую на Д&Д монстрах и подставках, если все будет ок, то в дело пойдут и другие няшности вроде ящиков-бочек и элементов империал сектора)