Saturday, November 1, 2014

More laser-cut goodies

Okay, there is something on my work desk for a while now.
First, i finally made clear bases for asteroids.

My Firestorm Armada starter is still somewhere not here, so i cant make a near ship comparison shot. Hope my ships will arrive soon.

Next in the list is test clear bases for sci-fi miniatures. Its sometimes awkward that miniatures carry a piece of terrain with them. So what if i make bases look like some king of interface feature for commander to overview the skirmish?
Engraving on the bottom of the bases are filled with watered-down acrylic paint. I messed the top-view shot with the flash, hopefully is still getting the feel what they look like.

The last but not the least are test pieces for spaceship/base corridors. My little helpers here is new Hasslefree sci-fi troopers (they are gorgeous by the way!).
Tried different designs for corridors. I think i will mess a little with both variants and combine them, and then eventually do a set of corridors.


  1. Коридоры всячески одобряю! :)

    1. Я тут играю в Alien Isolation немного. От туда много идей подчерпнул. С дизайном еще поколдую. Решетки от левого варианта оставлю но текстуры пола возьму от второго. Со стенами тоже не конечный вариант.