Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update time!

Got more fun with laser, so time for more crappy photos. Not much people will read that update anyway)
First something big i did for local gaming club:

Freaking roads. Lots of them, suitable for different time periods. Well 16 pieces + 4 pieces of a highway\autobahn. German scout cars, fallschirmjager trooper and few zombie survivors for scale reference.

Something i got on my workbench for a while. Thats a finished design for starship/lunar base corridors.

First of Normandy/Europe style buildings. Two fallschirmjager gladly agreed to pose for photoshoot of this lovely house.

And finaly something I picked while going for groceries. Price was a little too high, but it fits scale perfectly. Not shure if i should keep the original paint or paint it military grey/green.

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  1. Ай донт шуре абаут зе ласт фото, бат зе ферст ван из перфект )))