Friday, April 14, 2017

Curse of the Sands AAR

There was a sunny day in the desert, when winds that rule the dunes revealed old ruins in a place no one expected them to be. Not long till Miskatonic University expedition came there to investigate. And not long, till any communication with them were lost.

A few days later, three separate groups were aiming at the same very ruins for their own reasons. The archeologists from american Miskatonic University, who were summoned from homeland, going to investigate the disappearance. The soldiers of British Expeditionary force led by Professor, with mysterious orders from command. And finally, Andrey and Anton, the Russian immigrants, opportunists and occasional grave robbers.
Five plot points were set in and near the camp, alluring adventurers with treasures and valuable information on the ruins. However, scattered bodies were indicating there is something more in the ruins. Something sinister

British forces started with the initiative, rushing forward to nearest ruins. The gang of Sikh soldiers lost few men in a perilous ruin. And a few moments later they were scattered by the fire of grave robbers.

The harmless lady found first point of interest. Some kind of entrance to the ruins caught her attention, were she were not so lucky to reveal its true nature the same turn.

Archeologists cautiously closed to the ruins on the other side. More occasional shots echoed across the camp. One of the grave robbers were shot few times and assaulted by trusty british dog. Finally he dropped dead, and his companion decided to get to a more discrete position.

Meanwhile the combatant closed on one another. Some of them received flesh wounds but continued to fight.  The next plot point were revealed to be expedition leaders tent. Archeologist got valuable information there but suddenly on of them were shot and dropped the paper he gathered. His companion recovered the papers but the man were gone.

The only remaining grave robber made a few shots, but it were obvious he got little to do here alone. He retreated soon.

The archeologist girl finally searched the ruins. Grabbing her findings she returned to her friends. A native African volunteers from the british force closed on the other plot points. Only to be shot a while later.

Finally british professor made a terrible discovery in one of the tents. The mummy recovered from the tomb by the expedition were not so dead. Empty eyes gazed on the unfortunate man. Suddenly one of the archeologists fire a shot on mummy, perhaps saving life of the professor. The dead queens wrath fallen on three American adventurers.

Meanwhile professor and his companion were trembling before ancient evil. They decided to leave the fight for the americans, while they grab the remaining plot points getting the information of the ruins and some ancient relics from the ruins.

Eventually the six turn ended. Archeologists escaped the mummy with two plot point. British force were more lucky, getting three points with them. The mummy ended alone in the robbed ruins.
No doubt, eventually she will find her treasures and take revenge on the thieves.

The game were pretty fun. I was organizing it as GM and mummy player. Of three other players two were new to Pulp Alley, though rules appeared to be simple enought for beginners.
Also want to say thanks to our wargaming colleagues from local gaming club for burrowing their victorian miniatures for that game.

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