Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dive into Pulp

Irregular hobby activities turned this time into corrupting some lovely pulp miniatures by paint.
The cultist type guy is GW astropath. Now he is perhaps a high ranking cult leader, who traded his eyesight for sinister knowledge of occultism or "true" history. Next to him is a Reaper dancing girl, for courtesan/entertainer or a plot point for Pulp Alley games. And the last is the Captain. Who knows when you need a ship in pulp adventures? Maybe he will go as a captain for the tugboat mentioned earlier.

What is a pulp without sinister enemies and monsters? GW queen Khalida is a perfect fit for an ancient mummy. Going to use her for an upcoming Pulp Alley campaign if we ever want to play one.

This three are a very Lovecraftian monsters made by Wyrd Miniatures. This going to represent Deep Ones in my games. Accidentally i painted them in the same color as the mummy, much to my own surprise.

Some new terrain stuff, made in pulp style. Roof accessories, telephone booth, old cabinet and a gothic sarcophagus.

A little side project for a friend of mine. Full set will have wound markers numbered from 1 to 5 wounds, made for a square bases.


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